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You may ask yourself how it may happen that a miracle is linked in such a strange way not only to statistics, but finally also to psychology, through religion and fashion. It is true that we should first define what a miracle is, so that we don’t get lost in absurd and vain lucubrations about heavens and earth.

We consider a miracle here, the fact that something forseen does really happen, and to add a ‘miraculous’ feature to the whole, that the proof of the event is found almost accidentally through a shere coincidence. Of course you may define a ‘miracle’ differently, too, but the event considered in this site does restrain itself to the given definition.

Luckily, WordPress is a fantastic miracle hunter: the date of publication can’t be altered and can thus be considered as a fundamental element in the construction of the proof. Of course other elements that would give to the whole an even larger dimension, would be the constation of the fact that the phenomenon as described implies completely unknown factors: eg. the possibility of copied texts inserting functions into another program. It is a fact that even if this were known (I had had the glimpse of this idea about three years ago), it doesn’t take away the evidence that it was impossible to know how this function would work, and even less, where it would act.

We will thus very shortly, and before going over to further analysis, show the three succeeding posts containing ‘the miracle’:

the first is posted November 20th (Statistics 3, “November 19 and 20, with chinese intervention) and the little boxes are originally chinese letters, which appear sometimes yes, sometimes no:

箴言cristals Spontaneous and aleatory book by Sonja Kasten   该书由自发、音响效果sonjakasten Pingback: sonjakasten1 – Congratulations, Sask « Myself on Test  pingback:sonjakasten1-恭喜自己sask•测试   Dedicated to my mother, Marina Checa y Molina    献给我的母亲,checaY莫利纳 Texts and Presentation: Sonja Kasten.文本和颁奖:sonjakasten. All rights reserved   版权所有 For contents: see instructions   内容:看到批示 Continuation of “Clearing up refracted lines” and “Manual of a soldier”: Empirical evidence on theory  继续开展清理折射线军人手册“:实证理论 November 12th, 2006 Posted by sonjakasten1 | Aleatory club , Music , WordPress Tips , Observations , Myself , Movies , censorship , Politics , animals , Literature , Characters , Blogroll , Tests , Languages , Social , fashion , Anecdotes , Psychology , Travels , Cooking , Economy , Painting , Philosophy and religion , Publicity , Encounters , corrections , Sask , Objections , Bitter remarks and other , My origins , Sexual life , Historical highlights , My pictures of myself | 1 Comment20061112张贴sonjakasten1|乐部音响效果、音乐、wordpress,观察,自己的电影检查、政治、动物、文学、人物、blogroll测试、语文、社会、时尚、掌故、心理学、游记、烹饪、经济、绘画、哲学、宗教、宣传、遭遇、教养、sask,沉痛的言论等,我国起源,性生活,显历史,我自己的照片|一月评论


the second one is a ‘forecast’ of what is going to happen next, posted November 21st, under ‘Stats and Religion’ = Stats Nov 21 & ref 20 skstats


Yes, Ms Wingsurf I will give you all the explanations after a while (I’m very hungry now) concerning my little knowledge of computers and intuitive evaluation and deceptions and similarities. Let’s say in an hour … if you leave my chinese text so beautifully as it is (I do understand that I had exagerated a bit, but I actually thought that you had a Chinese WordPress, so that the characters could be taken naturally. Apparently it was not at all the case and it may have happened that all sorts of chinese configurations invaded your desktop).

and the third is the evidence that it has happened with an attempt of explanation, posted November 22, under ‘Statistics 4’, “Continuing November 21”: again the little boxes are original chinese characters 


I was perhaps right. I was certainly right. The chinese insertion of my birthday present into the stats department had horrible effects all over the world, invaded Spanish WordPress by letting appear little chinese characters all among words and serious observations on literature and poetry. A little after, the chinese characters were substituted by small ‘carrés’, and although I have kept the original in poet Catalina Sojos’ computer, the sent version (following) sent through hotmail (who doesn’t speak chinese, it’s and evidence) shows only the little carrés. Original can be sent under request, though.

“Percibprehensivamente el estado de vigilia de mi hermana, dispuesta tenaz a conversar sobre su lectura (o por lo menos la media aritmca de esos ?os meses encajaba decisiva en la especulaci󮠤e su probable movimiento de partida de ajedrez en la que meramente queda el contraste monᲱuico entre dama blanca y rey negro, mientras que la peste bub󮩣a de ese Medievo Tardestratco masacr󠣯rdialmente al sito real antes que alg?ego bco), preveun interesantmo dogo de mi hermana hacia ella misma y no ocurri󮼯p> “

Don’t ever think it was my fault … Although it was, but accidentally.

Of course, Ms Wingsurf now asks how the devil that happened, and I’m really but really surprised that I have, on top of that, to find the explanation myself. I will try, though. Apparently WordPress does absorb a variable number of functions that are not in the program itself. It is thus possible, as explained, to put colors (that are not in the program: see bar!) simply by copying a coloured document of Word. It seems to recognize a certain number of ‘functions’ as ‘friendly’ because they are somehow in the program, too, as stats. It is possible that it does generally include such ‘innovations’ into the general functioning of the program (variable of adaptation).

See now what probably happened with the chinese: it is a Google translation, thus ‘friendly’. It is a translation of a WodPress page, thus, very friendly. Strangely though, these very innovative chinese have inserted a function into their translation pages, that does allow to ’see’ (visualize) through a ‘pop up’ the original english text. Thus, every time you pass with the arrow on the chinese text, the original does appear on it inside of a bulb.Copying the text into WordPress probably had as effect that the ‘function of superposition’ was copied, too, and … happily inserted into the general program. Thus, texts having been written in ‘the sonjakasten mood’ appear having a reverted use of the function (spanish into chinese) in horizontal following. As WordPress can’t take so many chinese characters, these are almost immediately transformed into ‘carrés’, while the function does continue to ravage the system.

If you want to repair the whole, just see where the function has landed and simply … anihilate it. Or, for reasons of esthetics, allow a certain number of chinese characters to appear: love and friendship and understanding and wisdom, for example. (It’s just an idea.)

If you want a subvention for the whole, just ask Harris of England: he’ll certainly be enchanted to be the first appearing in chinese characters in a WordPress blog, or Google::: it’s not an accident that chinese had translated the page on: observations, adoration, google …

(They are responsible for the damage, dear, because they have the chinese characters, while you don’t. They have simply not put bars in order to avoid these characters to invade other territories. Am I not right?)

Now, really really Ms Wingsurf, how much do you owe me now?

Ah, our page has been found in national Slovakian Google. Getting internationally known very quickly, dear … but … careful! You should publish a little leaflet with things possible, impossible and aleatorily possible in WordPress. (These computer people do never think of giving the appropriate instructions.)


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    All rights reserved. Todos los derechos reservados. Tous droits reservés.

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